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Video Annotations not working

edited December 2007 in Support
I've got my webcam plugged in, and I also have some 'virtual' webcams that I use for other applications (ManyCam for example). But regardless of what I try, I always get the "Unable to detect Webcam/Video source" error message.

Any ideas?


  • Hi

    I don't use the webcam facility myself - if you're using CS 2.0, try reinstalling the webcam driver and application software - maybe CS can't detect it for some reason?

    Also you could try shutting down any application that is set up to use the webcam - maybe they're not allowing another program to use it?

    Anyone else got any ideas?
  • What I usually do when I start to record a video (of any kind) I turn off ALL other apps, such as Skype, Google Talk, AIM, the Google Web Accelerator, anything that I don't need that's in the taskbar, and then make sure everything on Camstudio is working and give a little test run. Anyways, in your case I would like to know what OS you are running, Vista or XP or 2000, and also, ManyCam (software) seems like it may be able to mess up what Camstudio is trying to get (control of the webcam) so I suggest making sure that it isn't running at the same time, and also, what WebCam are you using? It could a problem with your software, if you need to update it. Anyways, I suggest try recording with the new beta, and then try to edit the webcam video into the recording of your screen... Anyways, Try to find a possible update for the software.
  • This problem appears to be fixed in version 2.5 (downloadable from
  • I am unable to use video annotations because CS tells me it can't find the video source. Skype, Yawcam, and other applications have no trouble locating and displaying the inputs to my webcam. How do I troubleshoot this?

    I'm running an Acer Aspire, Win7 Pro, and CS 2.7.2
  • Yes, but this program only seems to work with specific webcams. I had no luck with an older logitech or with the Microsoft Cinema, but the Logitech C920 worked fine. I have no idea why there is a difference between them - it must have to do with how CamStudio brings in the video buffers. Sorry! Perhaps a later update will support more webcams.

    Meanwhile, you can use your webcam's "viewer" program or a downloaded one that you can perhaps pin to stay on top and simply include that within the confines of your recording region.

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