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CamStudio problem

edited August 2009 in Support
I am running a Dell 2.8GHZ computer with 2G RAM.

I am running CamStudio 2.0

Up until yesterday it ran fine. Now I don't get any sound on playback and I get a bar in my task bar that reads "Flashing". I don't know what that means, but it wasn't there before. When I start recording a file from the internet, CamStudio minimizes itself, which it never did before, and if I bring CamStudio up on the desktop, the video slows way down but the audio keeps playing at regular speed.

I've uninstalled it, did a defrag, downloaded a new copy and installed it and I still get the same results.

I've tried the help files to no avail. Can anyone here help me?

Will someone please explain the "Flashing" bar in my task bar and what it means?


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