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Audible click at end of flash movie

edited September 2009 in Support
Hi all,

Thank you for CamStudio and the support forum here.

I'm recording a movie with audio. Then saving it as flash.

When using audio (from microphone), at the end of the flash movie, there is a loud 'clunk'. Like the sound of a mic being turned off, only my mic doesn't have an on/off, so I'm guessing the program is turning it off.

Anyone know of a way I can fix that? Can I edit with the producer programs to take out that last second of movie, or...?



PS: I'm using CamStudio 2.00, on WinXP


  • A little more info here... it only seems to happen with the flash file, the avi file is fine and ends quietly.

    Am I the only one experiencing this?

  • Chris,
    The good news is that you're not the only one. The bad news is that I'm afraid I don't have a solution either!

    It doesn't sound good though does it.

    Maybe changing the Audio Properties in SWF Producer may solve with hopefully no adverse effect on quality/filesize... (can't test that myself at mo).

    Post back here if you get anywhere, as I'm sure there will be many others with this problem also.

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