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Please Compile binary of 2.6 for the rest of us

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Ok, many of you have been playing with 2.6 for some time now.

However, the download on sourceforge still only has 2.0.

Please load a compiled 2.6 for the rest of us. Not all of us are programmers with access to Visual Studio.


  • I'm not if 2.6 is very stable yet. I just downloaded it yesterday and played with it a bit, and it would crash after about 10 minutes of recording. I have managed to fix that specific bug, but it very well could have more. However if you'd like, I could still send you the binary that I have.
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    If you want, I uploaded a build of 2.6. You can find it here: includes the latest version (I think) of ffdshow, and includes a bunch of DLLs that you might need.

    A few changes I made to the program: auto named videos now use the format YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.avi, which works better for sorting. Also, you can choose the directory that videos are saved to by default by putting the path in the file called defaultsavedir.setting (make sure it's just the path and no other characters. No extra spaces, new lines, or anything). If you leave the file blank or delete it, videos are saved to the same directory as the exe is in, which was the same behavior as before.

    Problems I've noticed so far:
    * It doesn't seem to want to open the file with Player.exe after you finish recording
    * Every time you start, you have to open up Video Settings and then click OK, otherwise it gives you the "CamStudio could not record the AVI using the current compressor" error. This I want to fix because it's very annoying..
  • Thank-you :)
  • I tried it on a different computer and it didn't seem to have to compressor error, which is a little strange. Are you having any problems with it?
  • Fixed the problem with it showing the "CamStudio could not record the AVI using the current compressor" unless you opened the video settings dialog.
  • Woops, the file for that path that the videos are automatically saved in is called autosavedir.setting, not defaultsavedir.setting.
  • Fixed a bug (that I just created) where the program would sometimes hang when you used a custom autosave path.

    Okay, I think it's pretty good now. No more problems (at least no more problems that I'm directly responsible for :P)
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    Hi jonny, I just tried your build.

    For some reason 10 pixels of every frame recorded seemed to be getting cropped off the left side and added to the right. This "pixel shift" always happens, no matter what settings I use.

    Also, when I used Cinepack or Lagarith Lossless for the video compressor, the recorded video resolution ended up 1 pixel smaller in the width and height then what I chose to record at (eg: I set "Fixed Region" to record at 960x720, but the recorded AVI is 959x719). When I used Microsoft Video 1 for the video compressor, the video resolution ended up 4 pixels smaller in the width and height (eg: 956x716 instead of 960x720). I didn't have this problem when I used ffdshow for the video compressor though.

    I'm thinking part of this might be related to something in the "VideoWnd.cpp" file (I skimmed through the SVN), but I can't say for sure, my C++ knowledge is rather abysmal.

    The OS I was running it on was Win XP SP3.
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    Yeah, I noticed the pixel shift too. I changed the screencapture code a bit, so that's probably the source of the problem.

    Hmm, I'll look into those other problems too. Probably simple fixes.
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    Thanks for looking into it, I believe these bugs were introduced sometime in between 2.0 and 2.6 as I don't remember 2.0 having these issues. I'm thinking it might be related to when the "Region > Window" recording option was added, that's always been a bit buggy.
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