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error compiling avi file

edited September 2009 in Support
Hi, I have been using Cam studio for a while now but recently I have recorded two fairly long videos that gave me errors when the player came up. I can't view them either. I checked these boards and found someone with the same problem, you told him to download videodub and try using that to recover the file. I did this but video dub tells me that I have an index error and then playback is very choppy. Is there a way to fix this? The file says that it is 2.5 gb if that is of any help or gives you any clu what might have gone wrong. Can you tell me what my index should look like, maybe i can just input it into videodub and that will fix the problem



  • Have you tried playing the videos in VLC? VLC seems to be pretty flexible, plus it is able to fix indexes sometimes.
  • Yeah I've tried it, vlc thinks that the video has a length of 00:00.
  • The file size is the problem, CamStudio cannot record videos over 2gb in size, anything larger then that gets corrupted.
  • I read that in another thread, in that thread they suggested using videodub. I did that but there is no index so its really choppy and tried to compile 19gb avi from the corrupted file. Does anyone know of a program that can repair the corrupted info or what the info i need to input into my index is?
  • Take a look - this might be the answer:
    (Check out the last comment I made about rebuilding the AVI header)


    Nick :o)
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