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Recompressing .avi Files

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Camstudio is awsome and have created a a couple of training videos....I have a couple of issues and can't get around them.

I've created an HTML page with links to the videos.

1. The files are were very large the first time I recorded then

2. When re-compressing them in virtualdub using MSU codec

I can't see them on my other systems at work or from my laptop unless I install the codecs on each machine.

Does anyone have any hints to make this work?

Thanks in advance


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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but If you want the videos viewable without much hassle, the best route I can think of would be to re-encode the video to h264/AVC (and if there's audio use AAC, although I believe MP3 should also work) inside an MP4 file. You could use something like SUPER ( or MeGUI ( to do this.

    MP4\h264 is in the current flash specs, so for the most part, any computer with an up to date version of Adobe's flash software should be able to open it.
  • Hi,

    I too was having the same problem as 'acozma', even mine recording was important. Virtual dub solved my problem...:) Thanks brandished for the valuable comment.

    Kind regards,
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