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Recording both speakers and microphone

edited September 2009 in Support
Recording both speakers and microphone at same time. Is that possible?


  • Not at this time.

    The best option is to put the microphone between yourself and the speakers and record from that. It may take a few tries to get it working with the right levels, but it's possible.

    Another option is to use another video editing program to add a second audio layer after you have already recorded and saved the video with CamStudio.
  • Sure you can (with version 2.0, but not 2.5) easy peasy .. go into your PC soundcard control panel and make your microphone a 'playback' device and unmute it. You can tell if it's working, it shouled be like a PA system, where your voice comes out the speakers. Then you can control levels and mix both your sound source and your mic into one output to the speakers. Your recording should then include both together. You could even play with source balance and have your soundtrack on the left and your mic on the right if you wanted to ??? Just watch out for feedback by aiming your speakers AWAY from you..

    Version 2.5, I noticed, does not have a menu option for recording from speakers, only for mic. I hope they add back the speaker option in 2.6 :)
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