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mouse tracking

edited October 2009 in Support
I have version 2.5.b1 on WinXP. On the output .swf mouse movements show tracking shapes and shadows. Any ideas?


  • Check the Options->Cursor Options.. menu. It sounds to me like you have a custom cursor selected.
  • No, I don't, I left everything as standard, no changes
  • here's a link to the file, if it helps.....
  • Can you increase your card's refresh rate? Any difference?
  • Sorry, is that a setting on card itself or on CamStudio? And, by the way, the .avi recording is fine, problem is only with .swf
  • Hi Stoppage

    OK, so not your card's refresh rate if the AVI is fine.

    What are your SWF Producer settings?


    Nick :o)
  • Sorry are you referring to options in "Recorder.exe"?
  • Hi Stoppage

    No, in Producer.exe


    Nick :o)
  • Hi Nick appologies for taking so long to reply. Settins in producer.exe.......jpegs
  • No worries ...

    Hmm ... nothing wrong with those settings as far as I can see ...

    What version of XP are you using? 32bit? 64bit?

    Are you running the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player?

    If you're still running into problems, instead of using SWF Producer, try WinFF ( - free) and convert to FLV instead (Websites settings)

    Then use either Flowplayer ( - free) or the LongTailVideo player ( - free) to play the new FLV.

    You won't be able have the redirect URL after playing function, but at least the video will actually work ...

    Let me know how you get on.


    Nick :o)
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