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compression while recording speakers

edited October 2009 in Support
At first I would like to point out what a great tool cam studio is. I already made some tutorials and it was a pure joy to work with this software.

However, now to my issue: Is there any way to compress the audio while recording from speakers? I tried to record a little gaming session with speaker sound, and the file became insanely huge.
The test I did on a youtube video (both with my prefered video setting with the h.264-codec and 30 seconds record time):
Filesize without sound: 1,14 MB
Filesize with sound from speakers: 6,22 MB

Now I think, that the sound is just uncompressed here.
If I record something from mic I just use a nice codec (mostly Lame-mp3) and everything is fine.
Is it possible that such a feature is added for speaker recording in future builds?
Am I just to blind to find the correct options, or perhaps is there an easy way to compress it afterwards with some easy-to-use (preferably freeware) software?

OK, thanks for your help and advice and excuse my English (not first language).



  • Hi Martin

    No problems with your English! :o)

    Yes you are correct, audio is uncompressed when recording from speakers.

    There is no function within CamStudio to compress it.

    You would have to record the video, then import into something like VirtualDub, remaster the audio into MP3 and then resave the new AVI file.


    Nick :o)
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