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Huge Output Files

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Hello Everybody,

I have been using CamStudio to record webcam video calls streams or other streaming medias but the output files are in the order of 1-2 GB even for brief calls of 20 minutes.
Is this normal or I am doing something wrong or have to set something up?

I use the latest version of the software but not the lossless codec which crashed constantly on my VISTA SP2 system.
I have always been using the out of the box settings and only 2 days ago I changed them reading some suggestions in other posts but the result is identical: massive files.

Thank you for your help :)


  • Hi Threshold

    Since you're recording video, I'd use lossy compression to reduce the amount of video data as much as possible, so DiVX or x264 should do the biz.

    As for audio compression, MP3 @ 44kHz should also be more than good enough.

    If you have MCI Recording selected, the audio will be recorded as uncompressed which could be one of the reasons the filesize is so large, so the only option is to put the video into VirtualDub and remaster the audio into MP3 and then save a new smaller AVI file.


    Nick :o)
  • edited October 2009
    Hello Nick,

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.
    I am not very expert so I will try to put everything in place and let you know how it goes.
    One request: I don't have VirtualDub but I use Avidemux for small video editing (remove commercials).
    Would that do the trick?

    Take care for now :)
  • Avidemux will most likely do the job just fine.
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