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Video Annotations don't work.

edited October 2009 in Support
I really love your product. I'm making video documentation for a program I wrote, and CamStudio is perfect for me. I'm especially excited to try to Video Annotations. But they don't work for me, for some reason. I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit, on an HP Pavilion dv9630. I'm trying to use the built in Web Cam. The Web Cam's blue light turns on, but the picture in picture blob remains a black square, no image ever shows up. Am I doing something wrong?

All other programs work with my camera just fine. I did notice a couple of other messages on the forum complaining of the same problem. It seems they also had HP Pavilions running Windows Vista 64 bit, but no answer was ever given.

Is this the same problem? Or am I just doing something wrong? If it is the same problem, is there a fix or a workaround available?

Thank you for your help in this matter.



  • I actually have a x64 Vista HP Pavilion as well, but I'm using a USB logitech webcam. I am unable to do screen annotations. There is very likely a bug in Cam Studio. The only workaround I can think of is to open another program such as Skype and then open the video options tab so that it is displaying input from the webcam on the screen. CamStudio is then able to record the image from the screen. Not as convenient or professional, but it works.
  • I, too, had trouble with video annotations with my webcam, just a blue box. I installed a 4-port video capture card ($10 from ebay) and it worked fine (do not use the drivers that came with the card, NG. There are open-source drivers which do the job). You can even choose which camera you want to use from the video annotation menu. really slick! You can even put a border around the pic or make it a different shape, move it anywhere on the screen, all that stuff. A really nice feature. It did, however, mess with the audio track timing a whole bunch. I got a new Core2Quad machine which will, hopefully, solve that problem. Will let you know when I get some time to experiment a bit with it.

    Also, there is a free app out there called screenCam (or something like that) from England that allows you to put a live pic on your screen. It didn't get small enough for my use, but maybe you can use this, you'll have to google for though. :)
  • I see this issue is stale, since a couple of years now.
    I too cannot use the video annotations using my laptop HP Pavilion dv6137ea.
    When I try I see the blue light and a totally black window without any image.
    That's a shame :-(

    Anyhow: Camstudio is really tremendous! Many thanks.
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