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Mic recording issues

edited October 2009 in Support
Okay so I tried camstudio after configuring my vista options to stop blocking it x.x

It worked fine, but I forgot to check the mic option lol spend 3 minutes talking to myself.

I try again and all seems right. I checked the file once it finished compressing and it somehow turned into a 30 minute video. It however did record from my mic of the original 3 minute recording time. However the rest was just nothingness.


  • You don't mention what video/audio codecs you were using ...

    Search the forum for posts containing the best video audio settings (I and others have posted some many times) to minimize audio/video desync.

    If you still get issues with audio and video not lining up, check MCI Recording in Audio options for microphone and then remaster your audio into MP3 using Virtualdub and save a newer smaller version of your video. (Again detailed elsewhere in the forum)


    Nick :o)
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