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Saving uncompressed AVI

edited February 2008 in General Discussion
Hi there, I have a lot of problems getting screen grabs from CamStudio into Adobe Premiere Elements 2 for further editing of my videos. It seems that Premiere Elements is having a hard time importing the different compressed AVI formats and they get very blurry or jerky or even black.

I wonder if there is a way of saving uncompressed AVI's in Cam Studio? I have found another freeware program (Bulent's screen recorder) that does it but Cam Studio is a lot easier to use and I would like to stay with it if possible.




  • Hi JimR

    Right now, the only way would be to open the AVI in VirtualDub and save it as an Uncompressed Video/Audio in there.

    You're right, an uncompressed option should be available - we'll try to get that sorted.


    Nick :o)
  • Hey, I was wondering if there was any plans of an update with this option available? Any Idea for a time frame. Also I was wondering if it is a task, how much money would you like to do the job. Name a price, I think I can get some guys in together with some cash to help the community. No promise at this point but I think I can do it... What do you think? Unless you have it in the works already.

    Thanks, may the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  • @ nick...

    You said you were trying to get this sorted. I've just started working with camstudio and so have the latest version - is this "fixed" - I ask because I cannot get an avi that i've made with camstudio to import into Studio 11 (the program I use) - no matter what codec or setting I use!!!!

    Is there a way???
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