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"moving pattern" visible on white backgroud

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When I use Camstudio to record a video at a website then play the video I have recorded, if the background is white, a "moving pattern" is visible on the white background even if the desktop is set at 32 bit color. During playback, I have tryed using the contrast control but that did not solve the problem. How does one prevent the "moving pattern" from appearing?


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    What do you mean by "moving pattern?" It could be compression artifacts or it could be sometime else. Try using a lossless codec (such as cam studio's) and see if it still happens. If it doesn't, upload a short video that shows the problem so we can see what exactly you mean by a moving pattern.
  • How does one upload a video here?
  • b11b11
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    Does the Codec only install to partition C?
  • b11

    (i) You can't upload a video directly here. Upload it to YouTube and then just paste the URL into a post.

    (ii) Yes. Codecs are installed into c:\Windows\System32 - I don't know of a way to have a codec outside that location.


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  • I tryed repeatedly to upload a 88mb AVI file to my YouTube account but an "unknown error" keeps occuring. The file runs fine under Windows Media player.
  • How long in minutes is the video?

    The standard YouTube account is limited to 10 minutes per video.

    Try Vimeo (


    Nick :o)
  • Same problem occured at vimeo. The upload stops at about 15mb. Video is 88mb.
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    What recording options are you using inside CamStudio? Autopan by chance? If you are, have you tried enabling the setting "Hide flashing rectangle during recording" (Option > Program Options)? This will disable the flashing rectangle CamStudio uses to show you which area you are currently recording that can sometimes show up inside the video.

    Also, did the whole video upload YouTube or did it stop part of the way through the upload like it did with vimeo?
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    Have posted a video at

    Watch the first 10 seconds of the video at a distance no closer than 12 inches.

    Watch the snow on the street carefully.

    You will see some "dancing" colors on the snow.
  • Compression Artifacts

    Or possibly a color space conversion
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