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Video streaming?

edited November 2009 in Support
Maybe I didn't find it searching the forums...
Is CamStudio capable of video streaming? Nothing fancy. I like that it can capture a region but I would like to live stream (not by file) a region capture via web. Tucked away somewhere within? Additional software to do this?



  • No CamStudio doesn't do video streaming.

    Skype is good for streaming video from your webcam or portions of your desktop to one other person. The other person must also be using skype although they don't need a webcam or any other special hardware.

    If you are trying to give somebody remote access to your desktop there are other applications for that. I've used NetMeeting and some other proprietary software for that.

    I've never tried to stream a live video feed to a public webpage where anybody can watch it like a streaming video on youtube. I don't know of any software specifically designed for that.
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