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unable to svae AVI file

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I installed both versions of CamStudio (2.0 and 2.5) on my computer to compare. I ran both many times, but neither one will save a copy of the Avi file. I scanned the forum, and many suggestions that might be expected to correct my problem, just aren't working, eg, click blue stop button and you'll be asked where to save file, or Avi file found in CamStudio folder. I'm using WinXP, on a partitioned HDD, but I don't expect that should be the problem.

I'm a fairly proficient PC user, but the solution to my problem isn't obvious to me. I can't check if I'm using the program correctly if I can't view the product.


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    I can't give you any advice good advice without more info. Eg: What options and settings are you using in CamStudio? What settings/options have you tried? Is their an error message that pops up when you're recording? Does CamStudio crash? Do you have programs running in the background? Are the temporary AVI and WAV files being created? Did you make sure you had enough free HDD space before starting the record? Etc.
  • Thanks brandished, I found my problem, and now everything, except for the large file size, is falling into place. I thought I was establishing a region to copy, but I was doing something wrong, and the region wasn't actually being established. Without a region, no images. I guess I should have thought about something else for a while, and then started again from the beginning with a fresh mind, before writing.
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