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Divx codec works once, then 2nd time error message

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I installed Divx coded 6.8.5 direct from Divx's website. Selected it as codec, using it's default values. Recorded 2 min screen fine, AVI file size was 6.8meg.

Started to record 2nd screen, error message popped up:

"Error recording AVI file using current compressor. Use default compressor?"

Tried older CS 2.0 version, same. Uninstalled Divx codec, re-installed, same message. Closed CS 2.0 and tried CS 2.5, same message.

Reset computer, worked 1st time, never the 2nd.

Default compressor (Microsoft) created a 134 mb file, making it useless.

Can't understand why it doesn't work the 2nd time?


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    I'd check out this thread:

    Don't use Nick's 33/30 capture/playback settings listed there if you want to capture audio and video at the same time though. If you do you'll have to change the tempo/speed of you're audio track to have it sync with the video.
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