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Can I combine two shapes files?

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I have added some shapes annotations on my desktop computer copy of Camstudio (2.5 beta) . I can email the shapes file to my laptop. I then have to rename it "shapes 1" on my laptop copy of Camstudio, as the folder will not accept two files with the same name. Can I copy the new shapes I have created from the "shapes 1" file and add them to the original shapes file? How would I do that?

Also - is there a way I can get email notification if and when someone replies to this discussion?



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    From the library menu of the shapes dialog there are options to save and import shapes files. Are you talking about problems using these options or have you just copied the existing "default.shapes" or "camshapes.ini" files to the second computer?

    As far as I know this forum doesn't have any notification service, but nick the admin will know better.
  • I just copied the "camshapes.ini." files to the second computer, because I did not know about the "import shapes files" you mention. I'll try using that option. I am a total newbie with camstudio, so I am just starting to discover how it works. Thanks for replying.
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