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Best settings for an extremely old computer?

edited November 2009 in Support
I am wanting to capture videos for youtube, however I have a very old computer.So I'm just wondering what settings I should try.I'm just wanting to record the video and audio from windows speakers.The settings I have now are getting there, but not quite.Still get a sync problem and a low fps with small movies taking up lots of hard drive space.

Video settings

Set Key Frame:29
Capture Frame:35
Playback Rate:29

Anyone have any better settings for me, or am I just at a trial and error? My computer is really old as I said.So I know I won't get perfect anything, just want to get the best I can.


  • One source of you're sync problems is you're capture and playback settings, 29 times 35 doesn't equal 1000. There's a bunch of different things that affect how much disk space a video will take up, I'd recommend checking out these links:
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