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More newbie questions...

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Hi again.

A couple of other questions:
- One of the things I want to do is load the recorded sessions onto my PDA (an HP iPaq running Windows Mobile 5) to watch when commuting. Is there a way to add teh Codec (I recorded with the CamStudio codec) to the WM5 device or should I use something else (maybe VirtualDub) to convert the video to a WM5-friendly codec (if so, what?)
- Same thing applies to viewing the AVI files on non-Windows machines (Linux) or with VLC (which, to my understanding, has its own codecs).

Thanks again!


  • I have no idea if it is possible to install the codec you've used on your PDA. I've searched a little, and it seems that iPaqs delivered with WM5 has got WMP 10 installed (no big surprise there), and supports only Windows Media-formats per default. I can't say for sure that this is correct, since I don't know exactly which iPaq you've got, and since I couldn't find much info about this -- but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.

    In that case you would have to convert to Windows Media, which best can be done with the Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft. It's a free download from here:

    Some tips for encoding can be found here:

    As for Linux and VLC:
    VLC can playback WMV, also in Linux (according to this:, so you don't have to encode to any other format. I think I would have though -- converted using Virtualdub, to x264 (video) and Lame MP3 (audio).
  • Use the default on most Windows OS's, Microsoft Video 1. It will encode it in the proper .AVI format, and if you wish to re-encode it using the .WMV format, then use the codec as described above.
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