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Broken Sound

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Firstly thank you for making this software free and i will donate in the near future. I can make a vid no problem but when i add audio from my built in mic, it is all broken. Is this because it is a built in mic on my laptop? or is this the software?




  • What do you mean by "broken"?
  • If you watch and listen to this vid i made you should hear the broken sound in others word my speach is not clear and broken, despite talking ok.

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    My first guess was a really low quality recording setting for the audio, but it seems more like CamStudio's fighting with something else on your computer for control of the microphone. It might not necessarily be another audio program, it almost seems like CamStudio's not getting enough resources (CPU / RAM) to capture properly, the video has some small skips in it as well. What video options are you using?
  • All i have done is set Region to region so i can select the area the record. When you say not enough ram, should i remove so unused software on my laptop?

  • Alsow hat settings do you suggest?
  • Regarding the settings I recommend, it depends on what you want to record and what you want to do with the video when you're done recording it, but the defaults should be fine for most stuff.

    Are you using CamStudio 2.0 or 2.5 or did you run the video through some other software before you uploaded it to YouTube? I ask because MediaInfo is telling me you had the playback rate at or over 30 frames per second, CamStudio 2.0 & 2.5 are both set to 20 fps by default. You would have to have altered the video CamStudio recorded or have changed something in CamStudio's video options to get an output like that.

    There's more on the video settings and similar here:

    Unused software wouldn't really affect RAM or CPU. RAM and CPU resources are only used when a program is actually running on the computer.
  • Hi,

    I uploaded the video straight to youtube without editing. I will read that wiki and look at the settings a bit closer. My goal is just to be able to produce screenshots so i can create a tutorial video.

    Thanks for your help.
  • mmm i still get the broked sound, i have played with settings. I guess this does not work well with laptops and built in mics.

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