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I seem to be a bit clueless here...

edited November 2009 in Support
I just got CamStudio 2.0 and decided to give it a try. But after a while I noticed a few things I'm not too sure about.

First are the compressors, with Microsoft Video 1, XviD, and CamStudio lossless. Microsoft Video 1 seemed okay, until I re-opened the video with my VLC player to discover that the video is different coloured, is there any way to fix this, or is this supposed to happen? XviD doesn't seem to work at all. And are Lossless ones meant to not work with the VLC player?

Second thing is the file size. On a youtube video, a 1:30 long video took up 200MB under the Microsoft Video 1 compressor and 400 MP under Camstudio Lossless. I set the Quality video option to 100, so I'd expect a larger file, but I didn't expect it to be so big. Are they meant to be that big? Because I would find it hard to believe a normal youtube video that's 1:30 long captured using this has a bigger file size than a Full Screen HD 10 minute youtube video that was downloaded using an add-on on Firefox.
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