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Avi files not editable?

edited December 2009 in Support
I'm a digital illustrator and decided to record myself with camstudio as I worked in Photoshop. I recorded 2 avi files that seemed great: large dimensions, great quality and 7 minutes was about 20 megs (much better than the other compressors I used) They also played fine in windows media player. When I decided to add these videos into various editing programs, they just wouldn't work. Premier would freeze and windows movie maker exported blackness. I tried to change the file in Next Video Converter, but there were errors with the start time (basically it wouldn't register any duration for the movie) online converters didn't help.

I'm currently trying to resave the files with VirtualDub, but things are even worse: it's converting a 3 meg video into 7 gigs no matter what the settings are!

The problem might stem from the fact that I didn't know how to set compression settings in camstudio, and each file is 200 frames per second. In virtualDub I tried setting it so that the output is only 29 frames per second, but it still has an enormous size. Direct stream copy looked promising as it converted the video, reduced the fps to 29 and only added a little to the filesize, yet the problems in premier still remain.

I just don't know what to do. It's not as if I can go back and redo my progress with another capture setting, so any advice would be appreciated.
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