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Problem with poor resolution

edited December 2009 in Support
I am trying to use CamStudio to create a couple of short training videos. I am capturing video of my web browser and am saving it as an avi. When play it back using the CamStudio software, it looks great. However, when I play it using Windows Media Player, or any other media player, the resolution is so poor that I cannot make out the words. It looks just as bad when I save it as a .swf file. I've tried using a couple of different codecs but no joy. I'm sure I am missing something simple. Any insight at all would be appreciated.


  • Use Divx for your codec, I find it works best in Camstudio.
    You might also be interested in ZoomIt program. It'll zoom a section of screen, and you can then draw on it, very helpful with text/desktop presentations .

  • One reason you might be seeing a blurry image in WMP is because it's stretching the image too large.

    Right-click the video in WMP and make sure the video size is 100% and that Fit Player To Video On Start and Fit Video to Player on Resize are both checked.

    Are you using MS Video 1 as the codec?

    If so, swap it to either the CamStudio Lossless Codec, DivX, or FFDShow Tryout - (set the encoder to H.264)


    Nick :o)
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