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Edit CamStudio Lossless video using QT/Final Cut Pro?

edited December 2009 in Support
I have successfully recorded several screencast sessions in CamStudio using the Camstudio lossless codec. I then used VirtualDub to edit them.

Now I need to use clips of these screencasts in a Final Cut project. Final Cut is Mac-only and relies on Quicktime. So I think I need to transcode the edited AVI file using Camstudio Lossless codec to a MP4 file using some codec that is part of Quicktime.

What codec and settings would you suggest I use? Can VirtualDub do the transcoding? Or do I need to use something like FFMPEG? Alternatively, is there any way to decode Camstudio Lossless on a Mac?


  • Hi straz

    VirtualDub will transcode new video but I believe it only reauthors AVIs.

    I know FCP has issues with reading AVIs that have had anything to do with CamStudio, so I would test these:

    METHOD 1:

    1. Download and install FFDShow Tryout ( it will appear as a codec in VirtualDub.
    2. Import the first AVI you've created, select Full Processing Mode in the Video menu
    3. Select the Compression menu item from the Video menu and choose "ffdshow video codec" and click the Configure button
    5. Change the Encoding method to either H.264, DivX, or whatever codec you know FCP will accept.
    6. Do the same with the Audio menu if needed or just set it to Direct Stream Copy if the audio is MP3 or PCM (uncompressed)
    7. Save the new AVI and when done, see if it will be imported by FCP.

    If that doesn't work ...

    METHOD 2:

    1. Download WinFF ( - free)
    2. Import your first edited AVI into WinFF
    3. Change "Convert To" to MP4 and choose the Device Preset to whatever is required*
    4. Click the Options button if you want to finetune the conversion parameters or leave them blank for the default
    5. Click Convert and see if the resulting MP4 file will import into FCP

    * You can add your own presets by going to Edit > Presets



    Nick :o)
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