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Camstudio not recording video on desktop

edited December 2009 in Support

I am in the process of making a step by step movie maker guide. I am recording my desktop using camstudio but when I play back in media player the movie maker view box doesnt play, it looks like still pic.

I see the play bar moving but the video isnt doing anything

it seems like camstudio isnt recording the actual movie maker video

In other words you can see the play bar moving but the video looks like a picture.

Any body have any ideas on whats going on or is there a better technique for doing this.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • Media players that take advantage of hardware acceleration to render video don't capture correctly with CamStudio. The basic reason is that the image is sent straight from the video card to the monitor without passing through the area that CamStudio records from. If you disable hardware acceleration CamStudio should be able to capture the video. Check out this link for details about how to disable it:
  • In addition, if you're using Vista you can't disable hardware acceleration globally any more as Vista requires it to run.

    Instead, right-click Recorder.exe in Program Files/CamStudio go to Compatibility and check "Disable visual themes" - this seems to have the effect of disabling HA. I tried it yesterday and was able to record a video playing in Windows Media Player.


    Nick :o)
  • I am gonna try it out later on tonight. I will report back to let you know the results. Thanks so much for your help!
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