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Changing Video Size

edited December 2009 in Support
Is there a way to make the video a specific size, i.e. 640x480?


  • Yes, from the Region-menu choose Fixed region.
  • I guess I didn't make myself clear enough. I want to capture a PowerPoint slide show that is full screen and convert it to an output video that is 640x480.

  • It's always best to be specific when asking questions, makes it easier for those answering them.

    There are many ways to do this. Personally, I would use Virtualdub to resize (Video --> Filters --> Add --> resize) and reencode. I do not have the time at the moment to write detailed instructions, but a search in the forum may give more information.

    If you wish another format than AVI, you'll have to use another program. For instance Windows Media Encoder for encoding to WMV.
  • I do that myself. Change your computer to the res you wish to record (in this case 640x480). Also, if you wish to save on file-size, you can lower color quality. Also, if you are recording audio from a microphone, choose the curmmiest audio you can (mono 8-bit or something like that) cause it will record narration just fine and save on filesize.

    Powerpoint will show fullscreen at whatever resolution the computer is set for. The only possible problem would be if you're running XP, which, on my computer, won't go lower than 800x600 for some reason ???

    If resizing the file after the fact, try the free tools from .. believe you may find something you can use in their suite of tools, and the price is right :)
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