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In game, CamStudio captures without lag, but problem...

edited December 2009 in Support
Alright, well I was looking for an alternative to Fraps to record a game because of the massive amount of lag it causes, and discovered CamStudio. I love the idea of capturing it but not writing it until AFTER so lag doesn't occur. However, in the final video result, some background graphics that change according to how many points I get and how close I am to failing the song (Guitar Hero 3 customs) flash repeatedly.
To understand what I am saying:
There's a video upload of a CamStudio recording in game.
Here's one done with Fraps, no problems recording, other than lag:

Anyone have a solution?
I'm on Vista SP2 64 bit, if you need any specs just ask, although I don't believe it to be a hardware issue.
The only solution I've tried (although I've looked through all of the options for a solution) was Options -> Program Options - > Capture translucent/layered Windows because it seems like it may have some effect, but to no avail.
I have not yet tried to record to SWF because I'd much rather it be in a native .avi container so I don't have to repack and lose quality.

Thank you very much if anybody is able to help!


  • Hey br34kthr0ugh

    Have you tried altering any of the settings options in XP Compatibility Mode?

    Maybe try running in 256 colors (not ideal, I know) or maybe see if disabling visual themes makes any difference?


    Nick :o)
  • No difference. Sorry for taking so long for a reply. I did some research and it led me to believe that the problem is from video acceleration by my built in graphics card, which I sadly cannot disable...
  • Bumping. Any suggestions?
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