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Wrong Colours

edited December 2009 in Support

After following the instructions in that thread, because I had the errors Babadingldoo had, I saw that my video had colour problems.

Using that video, I set up CamStudio, following as closely as I could to his instructions.

I did some searching for this problem, maybe it's my bad searching skills, but I couldn't find a topic, so I'm now making my own.

Basically the problem is the colours. Red shows up as blue, and vica versa. Sound works fine and in the video I show what settings I have. (Don't ask about the "wf" name, I didn't expect to be unable to change the name)

Any help will be much appreciated.

Edit: I just watched the video, and the colours are fine, yet when I play it with any desktop media player the colours are wrong! I don't understand why uploading it fixed it.
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