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CamStudio on Win 7 troubles

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Hi - I love CamStudio but now I have gone to a win 7 machine and when I installed CamStudio I find it will not hold shortcut key settings - I tried Program Compatibility troubleshooter and set up camstudio to run under a different setting (compatible with earlier versions of windows) but still get the error alerts saying that the key shortcut for xxx couldn't be set - also I find that the program is unable to save settings on exit - does anyone have any advice??? thanks, megan


  • Hi Megan

    It might be a permissions problem with the CamStudio folder in Program Files.

    When you boot your computer up do you have to pick an account from the Windows 7 Start Screen or are taken straight to your desktop?

    If you have to pick, your account might not have Administrator privileges - so you'll need to log in as the administrator and change your account to an admin one.

    Then log back into your account and if you still can't save the settings, try taking ownership of the CamStudio folder in Program Files using this technique:

    If none of that works, let us know.


    Nick :o)
  • Nick,

    I am re-installing CamStudio2.5 onto a Windows 7 upgrade (from 32-bit to 64-bit, so essentially the disk is "wiped"). Now I find that Windows 7 does not install MFC71 (from VS2003). What dlls do I need to copy from backup to the new Windows\system32 (or safer: to program Files (x86)\Camstudio)? I assume mfc71.dll, mfc71enu.dll, and maybe mfc71u.dll. Or am I missing a few?

    Any chance you can rebuild CamStudio on a more modern base (VS 2008), or eliminate these old MFC dlls altogether?
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    megan328, the keyboard shortcuts settings in CamStudio are problematic and don't work unless you set ALL the shortcuts to a different key combination. You can't just set 1 shortcut and leave the rest unset or reuse the same keys between two different commands, you have to set them all differently or cancel out of the shortcut menu. They don't always store properly either, they seem to randomly reset, especially if you have more then 1 version of CamStudio installed, or run multiple instances of CamStudio at the same time. I believe this issue is on the bug tracker already, it's not likely a problem on your end.

    dstockwell, I've been able to run CamStudio 2.5 on Windows 7 64 bit by just copying the 3 files you mentioned (mfc71.dll, msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll) into the CamStudio install directory/folder. I'm not sure why the dll's were not included with the base CamStudio 2.5 file, might have been a licensing issue. As for updating the base / eliminating the dll's, it's a bit problematic at the moment. I believe the original 2.5 source code was clobbered somehow and had to be reconstructed using the 2.0 source and as their's no fulltime devs working on CamStudio, progress has been very slow. I do believe the source code was moved to VS 2008 already, but last I heard, there was still a lot of work that needed to be done before an updated, stable version could be released.
  • Thanks, brandished...

    I can also appreciate the issues of moving from MFC to .Net. Out of curiosity, is the original source C++, or perhaps a more recent language (VB, VB.Net or C#)?

    All the best.
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    The original source was all in C++ I believe, and it still is mostly, if not completely in C++. I think the devs were trying to keep it all in C++ for compatibility / consistency reasons. It's available here:
  • CamStudio is written almost entirely in C++ and MFC.

    I am aware of the shortcut issues and they will probably be one of the next things I fix because it annoys the hell out of me too.

    The failure to save settings is a permissions issue. These profiles need to be cleaned up and saved in a place that everybody will have permissions to read and write from. This is also on the todo list.

    If you go here ( you will find more recent development builds. These are all complied in VS 2008. I'm not positive that all of the former dependencies have been removed, but you might have more luck with one of them. Let me know if it helps.
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