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No Screen shot in .avi

edited January 2010 in Support
Sound or Pictures, but not both.

XP Home (sp3) on a Sony PCG-FX705 laptop( 2.5Gb free on C drive)
MS Producer 2.0 to add small .mpg(8Mb) video, with audio, of presenter to his Powerpoint slides(250Kb) (creates html output).
IE 7.0 to run html, and record screen with
Camstudio 2.0 to make .avi(approx 25Mb)
WMP 10.0 to play .avi, (ultimately to put it on to a DVD disk).

If I use "Options>Do not record audio" I get ppt-slides and video with, of course no sound, with piece of filmstrip in the list pane.
If I use "Options>Record audio from speakers" I get sound but neither video nor slides, just, inside WMP, the white screen (with "Contacting Online Store" in it) and a double crochet in the list pane.

Ordinary .avi play without problem.
Even using a plain .wav sound track with no video gives sound and only the white screen.
I have tried all the Video Options (MS Video 1, Cinepak, etc).

The "audio from speakers" .avi plays in Quicktime with audio, video and slides (a bit jerkily) but neither Avi2DVD nor DVD_Flick will accept the file, "no usable video track".

Is there an Option or configuration I am missing?


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    I have tried disabling Hardware acceleration in Display properties and "Disabling visual themes" in Recorder.exe properties, neither has any effect (on this problem).
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