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recorder command line

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Is it possible to start the recorder with a filename that it will use for the AVI? If not could that be added?

The next stage (producer) has a nice command line interface but it's hard to work with a given filename throughout without a recorder filename facility.

I've seen the command line version (google) but it does not record audio.

Thanks for a great product.

Colin J


  • Currently the version created by the google engineer is the best available option for command line recording. It supports recording to a specific file with the -outfile switch, but you are right it doesn't do audio.

    I agree that it should be added, but I can't give you any kind of estimate for when it might be.
  • Hi,

    Can the command line version of CamStudio be triggered in Visual Basic? As I am thinking of putting together a cheap usability testing suite for my university project and want to trigger screen capture software at same time as a webcam pointed at users face all from the same interface!

    Any ideas where I could start with this? Was thinking of having a form that launches CamStudio and AmCap at the same time when a command button is pressed and stops them at the same time when another button or key prompt is pressed.


  • Any command line program can be launched by VB. I have more experience with C, which would use the system command. After a quick search it looks like VB would use the shell command. Check out the MSDN:

    If AmCap has a command line interface then you should be able to launch it in a similar way.

    If you want to use more functions than the commandline offers, I invite you to download the camstudio source and add them to the command line version! You will need to use C instead of VB for this portion, but I would be happy to help point you in the right direction.
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    Hi BleeBlap,

    Thanks for your comments. Have looked at the link, I believe the shell command is what I am looking for. Used once before but wasn't sure it would work with this. Should be easy enough to incorporate into a VB project. I'd like to be able to define the name of the video, length etc via a form before clicking the button. And set a key combination to turn off the recording, is this possible?

    Once i've got what I need working with CamStudio I will attempt to incorporate AmCap into it as well.

    Would like to download the CamStudio source but not sure how SVN repostitories work. Could you point me in the direction of some literature to get me started?
    I'm running Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 would it be compatible with this?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions, hopefully I'll be able to produce something productive if I can get my head around everything.


  • I recommend TortoiseSVN to access the repository on sourceforge. There are some other options, but I use TortoiseSVN and think it works pretty well. You can download it here:

    Good instructions for download the code repository with tortoise:

    I use Visual Studio 2008 Professional, I do not know whether or not Express will be able to build the code, but its worth a try. Let me know if express works.
  • Hi Bleeblap

    I got Tortoise SVN to work and have downloaded the source. Unfortunately VC++ Express doesnt utilise solutions so the Recorder will not compile. Also had a look at the command line source and when I try to compile that it is missing two header files. AtlStr.h and another one.

    Could you send me the files I'm missing or maybe saved it in compatibility mode if one exists? Have located the section I need to edit in CL source in order to add a key command to cancel the recording but cannot do anything until I can compile it.


  • The files your needed come with VS Standard and above, but not with VS Express.

    I have modified and checked in the commandline project so it no longer require those files. Mostly by removing CStrings and using standard char *s.

    Try getting the latest source and see if you can build it with VS Express now.

    Note that this is not an option for the GUI based CamStudio, because those rely too heavily on MFC.
  • Hi BleeBlap,

    Many thanks for that, the command line source compiles fine on my machine now. Am going to try putting something together now.

    Will keep you update of any progress I may have.

    Kind regards,

    Stuart Norman
  • Hi Bleeblap,

    I have gotten it to work using Process.Start command and passing variables etc. Do you know why my recordings with the command line version always show the loading ring instead of the mouse pointer? (I'm using Vista). I am guessing it uses whatever mouse cursor is showing when the program is launched. Is there some way to rectify this?


  • I haven't used the command line version much so I don't know how to fix the cursor problem. I'd imagine that there is a way to fix it, try starting with this msdn article:
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