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Best Settings - for performance vs file size

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Am using CamStudio to create a simple flash demo of our online application. I've been playing around with my CamStudio settings for some time now. Thought I would share my settings as there is very little help available on this side of things:

Video Options:
CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.4 (but maybe there is a better codec that gives similar quality for a smaller file size?)
Untick Auto Adjust
Quality: 1 (I think this is ignored by this particular codec)
Set Key frames every 200 frames (This is the max. value allowed. Gives smallest file size with no perceivable performance difference)
Capture frames every 250 ms (i.e., 4 frames a second. Gives relatively small file size and fairly smooth video - enough for my needs anyway)
Playback rate: 4 frames/second (NB - This value multiplied by the previous value (i.e., 250) must equal 1000 exactly (e.g., 333 and 3 no good and may give audio problems!)
Time Lapse: ignored (as we already unticked the checkbox).

Make it as small as possible, to result in a smaller file size.
Tick 'Fixed Top-Left Corner'
Click 'Select'
Click on the screen and drag to create the capture area
Click OK

To create SWF:
Don't be tempted to click the 'Record to Flash' button as then your AVI settings (above) won't be used.
Instead, record in AVI, then open SWF Producer manually where you can select your AVI file and convert from there.

Hope that saves someone all the time I've spent so far getting to terms with CamStudio.

I'm sure my settings can be improved. If so, please post some better ones!...


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    I have found that the TechSmith screen demo codec gives much smaller file sizes.

    Configure it for max compression.
  • @sailwave

    Unfortunately, you can only encode with the Techsmith codec if you have a license for Camtasia Studio.


    There are plenty of posts on the forum with settings - I've lost count how many times I've posted mine! ;o)

    For instance, this post (which is a sticky)



    Nick :o)
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