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can't open AVI file in SWF Producer


Any help on this is appreciated. When using SWF Producer by itself, I am unable to load or open a file. The problem may be that my camera saves a video file as a .mov file. So, I've downloaded a .mov file to .avi converter. After converting the file to an .avi I try to open the movie in SWF Producer but I don't think it's recognizing the file. Don't know if the movie should appear on the small screen or not but it doesn't. According to what I've read, after I "open" an .avi file, then I should quickly see the pop up where I can work from next. But the pop up never opens.
Also, even though I can't see the file I've tried to open in SWF Producer, when I click on "Play" nothing happens but when I click on "Rewind or "Last Frame" the slide indicator will move which indicates to me that something is there. Again, can't get the .avi to play or convert to Swf. (The Swf option is greyed out) Thanks for any help.


  • When you open an avi with producer, it previews the first frame on the screen and you can play it before converting. I'd guess your converter is not doing a good job - have you tried ffmpeg? Maybe that will perform better...
  • Hi sailwave. I tried that but it wouldn't convert. I think I'll look around for a better converter, then re-try this! Thank you for the info.
  • GIF to AVI SWF Converter is an easy to use and powerful conversion tool that lets you convert animated GIF formats to AVI, SWF flash and various image formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF.
    Gif To avi Swf Converter application does not requires the users to put in much effort as the program's feature-set is trouble free to operate. In few simple steps you an easily convert the gif file into avi or swf. The program supports file exporting features like Export Single, Export BMP sequence and Export Tga Sequence.

    More info:
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