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Video black but has audio (duel screen)

edited January 2010 in Support
Hi, after recording the video is just appearing blank (black). It has audio though. Could this be to do with having two screens? I only wish to record one.

Any advice is helpful.



  • What version of CamStudio are you using?

    What video codec are you using?

    What other video options are you using?

    If you are using an older version of camstudio, it won't even let you record on more than the primary screen. If you are using one of the beta releases from then I expect that it is more likely a video codec issue.
  • It is version 2.

    The compressor is Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V1
    Quality 100
    Everything else is default

    Should I try Dec. 7, 2009 release?

  • Try using a different compressor. I think this should help. If the problem persists for all of the compressors, then its something else.

    The Dec 7 release has support for multiple monitors and you will need that version to record anything that isn't on the primary monitor.
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