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Flashing green square

edited January 2010 in Support
Sometimes, when I start to record something, the camstudio thing (with the record, pause, and stop buttons) disappears, leaving only the green rectangle called "flashing". When I exit that out, the area that I was recording starts flashing green lights, and I end up having to restart my computer. This only happens sometimes, is there something that I am doing that makes it do that?


  • The flashing rectangle shows the area that is being recorded. If you don't want the rectangle to be there you can turn it off under Options->Program Options->Hide flashing rectangle during recording.

    You should not exit out of this window. If you want it to stop, you should stop recording from the cam studio main window.
  • Well thats the problem. When I go to stop recording, the main window isn't there, like I had exited it out.
  • If you actually exited the program then the flashing rectangle will go away.

    Most likely you have minimized to the toolbar. Look for the CamStudio icon near the clock. Right clicking it should give you the options you need to stop recording.
  • I went to the toolbar, and there wasn't any camstudio icon.
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