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Flashing Cursor

edited January 2010 in Support
I'm a new user and like the product. But, there is one thing I haven't figured out. When I start recording video (with mic audio), the cursor flashes and continues to flash until I stop recording. The cursor does not flash in the playback .avi in Windows Media Player. I've experimented with changing settings in Windows XP for the mouse, but nothing seems to make a difference. Would appreciate any help with this. Am not using any cursor highlights.


  • I have this problem to, though only on one of my computers (strangely it is the faster of the machines Pentium Dual Core at 2GigHertz with 2 Gb Memory running XP). Changing from 32 bit to 16 bit graphics helped a lot but I could use some further advice.
  • I'm unable to replicate your problem. Please provide as much additional information about your system and cam studio settings you are using.

    Include any information about:

    version of windows and service packs,
    graphics card and graphics drivers,
    graphics card specific settings,
    camstudio video settings and codec used
    anything else that may be unique to your system.
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