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Lossless codec not showing up



  • Thanks Terry, I thought I had really screwed things up.
    Have downloaded 2.6c and will give that a try tomorrow, 1:30Am isn't the best time to be trying to do voice dictation when the rest of the family are sound asleep LOL
    I now have the Xvid and DivX codecs showing up. Which is the version I should use to get something that can be editied and then YouTubed? The AVI took over an hour to upload
    Oh, the window sizing problem, I simply created a standard window in DragonPad and dictated into it. Should I instead use a Fixed Region setting to be certain that it wont stuff me up again?
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    I use Xvid pretty much exclusively. Fixed region is a good choice either way, but in 2.6c it has a problem - the numbers are off by one! It is a bug that we finally have squashed for the next release. 2.6b does not have that bug (it has a different bug - see below). If using Xvid, you can stick with 2.6b, as it shows the Xvid codec just fine. (Or just always manually enter the dimensions you want minus one in 2.6c.)

    I use the "Select" button in the fixed region control with the top and left set as well. Here's the secret - un-check "top and left" before hitting the Select button, then make your selection, make your selection even numbers in 2.6b and subtract to make odd numbers in 2.6c, then check the "top and left" checkbox again and it will remember the position. Then you make your recording and it positions the selection where you had made it.

    In 2.6c, "window region" works better. The "off by one pixel" bug had flip-flopped - that "window region" bug only plagues 2.6b.

    So, until the new release (soon!) use 2.6b if capturing "Fixed Region" and 2.6c if capturing "Window Region".

    I hope that is clear!

  • Just to let you know guys that the 64-bit compatible installer for the V1.5 codec has been tested and is now ready for public release.

    Download link will be up soon ...


    Nick :)
  • Thank you, Terry! I'll do that! I had already figured out a workaround (using two monitors, I can record on the right while the recording stats window pops up on the left display), but this will take care of it completely.
  • Hi,

    I'm new on this forum.
    And I'm still a Windows Xp SP3 user (hm)

    Just installed this Camstudio version:
    Camstudio recorder v2.6 - Build SVN release r294 with CamStudio Lossless Video Codec 1.5.00
    but the Codec choice doesn't show up.

    How can I fix it or do I need to install the previous version 1.4 ?

    I'm now using 'Microsoft Video 1' codec and it works fine but I would like to give it a try with the camstudio Lossless.

    Thanks in advance.

  • There is a new release coming very soon that fixes the missing codec issue for most codecs.

    However, a lossless codec, you should understand, generates very large files, and because of the 2 gigabyte file size limit the AVI-1 spec that CamStudio presently uses, you eat up your space very quickly when using one. I get only 9 minutes tops recording a 1280X720 video with either CamStudio or Lagarith Lossless. So, consider your reasons for wanting to use a lossless codec in the first place. Usually those are only desirable for archival purposes.

    I have many videos showing how to use Xvid, and an article here:

    Direct Link to codec >

    Otherwise, see posts a few posts up for how to get 2.6c and use that for the time being, as it shows most codecs.

  • Hi Terry,

    This new 1.5 version is now available in the dropdown menu and works flawless.

    The Xvid codec didn't run at all. Each time I got the error message
    "Camstudio could not record the AVI using the current compressor. Use efault compressor ?"

    Thanks very much.

    Alias Trytrix

  • Hubert,

    The width and height are not coming through as even numbers, which Xvid and other MPEG-4 based codecs require. If using 2.6b, use the Fixed Region - select your region and correct the width and height to be even numbers. Or, simply enter 1280X720, for instance. If you wish to use the fixed top corner, uncheck that box BEFORE making the selection with the "Select" button, then check it again afterward.

    2.6c makes a pixel-count error that actually makes you need to make both width and height ODD so they end up being even - it is called the notorious one-pixel-over error. It is fixed in the upcoming v2.7 due to be uploaded any minute now.

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    Meanwhile I'm running 2.6c . Made H&W ODD.
    Now a blanc status window appears when the recording starts.
    But I think I'll better wait for version 7 being released.


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    Found the cause.
    Under Xvid configuration || Other options || Encoder tab, one must untick 'display encoder status'.

  • That's the trick alright! Why they have that showing by default is a mystery to me!

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