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Extended video epic fail

edited February 2010 in Support
Hi, I've been loving Cam Studio, a problem here or there, but ultimately the program's been great! However, I just shot like a two hour video and when I stopped recording and hit "save" an error message came up saying "unable to open video" and nothing saved. Any idea what happened? Is this just something that happens when I record for a really long time? I'm have the "use windows temporary directory for recording" option selected, where exactly is that? Any possibility I'd find a video file there that I might be able to salvage?

thanks for your help.


  • Hey, I had the same problem and I read your post on here and I figured I would share my results.

    I also exceeded the 2GB barrier without realizing it on some of my files and, just like you, they wouldn't open.

    HOWEVER, you may just be in luck. I used the MediaCoder program to transcode the corrupt files and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! Not only did it recover the files but it took the 2.8ish GB files down to about 250 MB each in the process, so it was a win win for me.

    The version you want to get is the full edition.

    I hope this works for you and good luck!
  • @DoktorD

    Thanks for your comment.

    Would you mind sharing the settings/procedure you used to get the 2.8GB file down to 250MB?

    I'm sure other would find it helpful ...


    Nick :o)
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