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Can you record audio from mic and speakers at same time?

edited March 2008 in Support
Sometimes I attend webconferences where I'm listening on my usb headset, and then I might be a speaker as well. Is there any way to record the video, and the audio whereby you're capturing the sound coming into the mic and the sound coming out of the speakers all at the same time?


  • You could use Audacity to record one source, and have Camstudio record the other, at the same time.
    By doing it this way, you can have each audio separate, so if you/someone wants to hear it without interference from the other, you can.
    However if you need them together, in sync, you'll have to edit it in to the video.

    But other than that idea, I don't think Camstudio can handle both without another program.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea?
  • If your soundcard will support it, you might be able to use Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, What-U-Hear or similar to record all audio at the same time.
  • The only problem with that I see is if the mic audio coming out of the speakers screws up with the mic... Most computers have the microphone on mute, yet you can still record from it...

    I hate that horrid noise when a mic is close to the speakers...
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