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Screen flashes green

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I am using Camstudio version 2.00 on a Windows 7. I use Internet Explorer 7.

When I record with Camstudio after a while my screen suddenly starts to flash green and everything freezes. it won't stop unless I restart my computer.

I have uninstalled and installed several camstudios from different sites and each one is the same.

What could be the problem?
Thanks a bunch!


  • come on guys, help me out here, please.

    I think the problem may be with my driver but I am not sure.
  • I had the same problem when I first installed the software on my Windows 7 laptop, but it seemed to go away with some fiddling. Are you trying to capture the entire screen?
  • I have the same problem. When I minimize CamStudio to my taskbar and then try to unminimize it, it does not unminimize. When I try to close it by right clicking, the screen starts flashing green.
  • Well, I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I've managed to replicate your experience. (If nothing else, this should validate your misery). I loaded 2.0 and when I minimize it, it disappears, but actually it is still running. If you check windows taskmanager, you will see something with the name recorder.exe 32 bit, or something similar. For whatever reason, Windows 7 dumps the gui when you try to minimize it that way. I managed to get the flashing green screen of death, but with the settings I have right now it is recording just a fixed part of the screen, so mine is more of a flashing block of death. With the gui invisible there is no way to turn it off - since the shortcut keys crapped out as well. You can shut the thing down by opening up the windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and killing the process from there.

    I'll see if I can figure out what current setting work best for Windows 7 and post them.
  • One thing to keep in mind - when minimized...

    "CamStudio is minimized to the system tray instead of the taskbar. To restore CamStudio, double click its icon in the system tray. " (acccording to the help file) - so if the icon seems to disappear, be sure to look for it in the right place.

  • I have sometimes the same behavior. When CamStudio is sized down to taskbar and will not appear, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to stop recording.
  • @Mr.Free

    Are you running CamStudio 2.00 in XP Compatibility Mode?


    Nick :o)
  • edited March 2010

    No, it runs in normal mode (Win7). But for me this error is not important, because the green flashing screen just happened, when I used the task-manager to abort CamStudio, instead of using the keyboard stop command, when the prog-interface was not appearing after clicking at the taskbar during recording.

  • Key point is that the actual icon for CamStudio is in the taskbar (possibly requiring clicking on the up arrow) on the LEFT!! Other icon is just to confuse us and aggravate us until we stumble on the answer. ;-) :-D
  • Yes... it is a test of might, wits and patience reserved for the very few who might actually want to hit the "Stop" button after hiding the program...

    This "feature" will hopefully be removed next iteration!

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