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CamStudio does not always record or capture the actual appearence or look of the cursor

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Hi everyone,

first: thanks a lot for this great program, it's very usefull, has a very good performance and I like the quality of the video-output.

But I have a problem, I can't solve until now:

not always but in some programs instead of capturing the mouse cursor and it's changings, CamStudio shows always a normal arrow, which is not changing in the recorded video.
For example: In Photoshop CS4, when you choose a tool, like the the fill-tool, color-pipette or a brush, the mouse cursor turns into a small symbol representing the tool, but in the recorded video, this change is not capured, the cursor stays regular.
In Flash CS4 everything works like it should be, the behavior of the cursor is captured as it looks on screen.
But it is not just with Adobe-Products, the same error occurs for example in firefox or when I try to record windows7: when I'm over a link, the mouse cursor turns into a small hand. But in the video you can only see a normal cursor (arrow).
Another wrong cursor-behavior appears in another program: the changings of the cursor shapes are recorded, but in the video the cursor-size of some tools is doubled, some are normal.


Of course, I checked the cursor options in CamStudio. ("Show Cursor" -> "use actual cursor")
I don't know, perhaps this problem is caused by Windows7, which I use?
I tried camstudio 2.0 and 2.5, but still the same problem in both versions.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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    By the way, I tried different Windows compatibility-modes and settings: no solution.

    By recording the one program, which I described above, were the cursor shapes are recorded, but double-sized, I recognized: in Windows XP-Mode, the different cursor-shapes are now recorded as an arrow too.
    I recognized also, the mouse-shadow is not recorded.
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