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Trying to capture a video played with bsplayer

edited March 2010 in Support
I got a damaged video and I cannot convert it or modify it becouse of that.
But I could play it with a video player and capture it with camstudio.
The problem is when I capture it, I get on video resulted the video from the player is black, (blank), nothing.
Any way to be able to capture the actuall video?


  • If you're running XP, try disabling hardware acceleration in Windows.

    If you're running Vista/Win7, right-click Recorder.exe in CamStudio installation folder and select "Disable visual themes" and "Disable display scaling ..." in Compatibility tab.


    Nick :o)
  • Thanks,
    can you alto tell me how to set camstudio to record it better.
    I got capture frame evey 3 ms, playback rate 200, max quality.
    However the video has bad framerate.
    I use xfire codec, tried others but is still the sam.
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