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Unable to find file

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Hi, firstly great work on CamStudio! excellent program.

I'm suffering from a problem where if I record for too long it comes up with cannot find video when saving - as suggested somewhere in the documents ive already tried setting a specific folder other than Windows temporary but unfortunately it still doesn't help.

Running Vista and using the proper Cam Studio video codec.

Anything over about 10 minutes normal comes up with this issue, can be incredibly annoying when you forget and record for longer :)

(Plenty of hard drive room so no issues their, same with permissions)

Best Regards,


  • Are u using the beta version of CamStudio?
  • PuGPuG
    edited March 2008
    Version 2.5.b1 (should I download another version?)
  • Thanks, ive got back to 2.0 and seems to be fine :)
  • edited March 2008
    This will probably resolved in the final release, but it could be a personal problem, as I have recorded over 10 minutes in the CS 2.5 Beta program. What are your exact specs of your computer? Also what other settings do you have running?
  • Also check the location specified in Temporary Directory for Recording has enough diskspace.
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