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Record Speaker Audio with Mic?

Okay, I'm really confused about this. I've known for a long time how to record audio from the speakers, and now I need to record that combined with a mic input. But I can't. It seems no matter what I do, I can only record one at a time. I've looked all over, and no solution has worked for me.
I have a Realtek HD Audio sound card, but it seems to be a different version than those talked about in other threads, cause it doesn't have a mixer, or playback sliders, or anything like that.
Generally, to record audio from the speakers, I'd go into the recording options (I'm running Vista) and set as default the input I needed to use. But now that I need to use two at a time, I seriously can't.
Any ideas? :(

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    Last resort - download latest drivers: (Realtek HD Audio example)

    Naturally, you also have to enable the mic in the regular volume levels controls if you want to record from it as well using this input.(not the recording levels - only the "What U Hear/Stereo Mix" input should be selected there)

    If your mic isn't SHOWING in the regular levels controls, you have to make it appear either via options/properties (XP) and checking its check-box, or by right-clicking and showing disabled/hidden devices, then enabling it (Vista, Win7).

    Terry Britton
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