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Video Annotations starts but...

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Background information: I'm running a 64-bit processor with Windows Ultimate and a built-in webcam. (HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv9260nr)

I launch CamStudio then choose video annotations. It starts my webcam (blue light) and a black box pops up. I right-click on the black box and get the pop up menu. I select video source...It sees the correct webcam, but the device settings are all set to zero. I set them to 50 (brightness, contrast, and hue) thinking this might bring up the video, but it does not. (Side question: What are the settings? The default button resets everything to zero.)

To turn it off I have to choose close from the popup menu.

Any ideas?


  • I am also having the same problem, though running XP.

    The webcam I am using is a creative Live! Cam Optia AF. I have tried it on several PCs running camstudio, no go.

    When I open up video annotations, the blue light is activated on the camera - it seems like the camera is doing it's job, but camstudio is not picking up the signal from it. I just get a black box on screen. I have also tried messing with the settings, which has done nothing. Also tried the new beta, same results.

    The web cam works in other applications, for example skype.

    Any advice?

    If none, can someone recommend me a webcam that is known to work with camstudio. Though I would prefer to use this webcam as it is plug and play (before you ask, I also tried installing to drivers from the disc to see if that would help, but I get the same result either way), we could get a different one. We are using this for a project at a university and I can return this webcam for one that is known to work with cam studio.
  • I also have the same problem on an HP Pavilion. A black box comes up on screen and the webcam turns on. I am running 64 bit Windows Vista.
  • I'm not sure, but I don't think CamStudio can work on 64-bit Vista because of something to do with the way the screen is rendered is completely different to all 32-bit Windows OSs (anyone feel free to correct me)

    I have a HP 6735s laptop with Vista 32bit Home Premium and the built-in webcam works fine with CamStudio 2.0.

    Are you using the full drivers supplied by the webcam manufacturer or just ones that came with your OS?

    I would try reinstalling all the webcam drivers and software, then reinstall CamStudio 2.0 after and rebooting.

    If that doesn't work, then I can only assume that for some reason CS isn't able to access the webcam driver - and that's outside of my skillset, which is limited at best.

    Anyone else on here with Vista 64bit or XP managed to figure this out?


    Nick :o)
  • I really love your product. I'm making video documentation for a program I wrote, and CamStudio is perfect for me. I'm especially excited to try to Video Annotations. But they don't work for me, for some reason. I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit, on an HP Pavilion dv9630. I'm trying to use the built in Web Cam. The Web Cam's blue light turns on, but the picture in picture blob remains a black square, no image ever shows up. Am I doing something wrong?

    All other programs work with my camera just fine. I did notice a couple of other messages on the forum complaining of the same problem. It seems they also had HP Pavilions running Windows Vista 64 bit, but no answer was ever given.

    Is this the same problem? Or am I just doing something wrong? If it is the same problem, is there a fix or a workaround available?

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

  • Hi Folks,

    I can confirm the same issue with one of my two webcams I've tested under both Windows XP and Windows 7.

    1. HP Basic Starter Camera - 0.3 Megapixel low resolution camera - works fine
    2. USB Video Device - 5.0 MegaPixel higher resolution camera - black window

    Could it be that CamStudio cannot use drivers for webcams higher than a certain resolution?

    Cheers from Mike
  • I can't see my webcam either. I have used XP and Windows 7 but neither showed my webcam. Webcam is active and running in other applications, except for CamStudio.
    I;ve used full app and portable versions.
  • One workaround I've seen people use in Linux reviews is to have the Webcam's preview window somewhere on the screen that you are recording - that way CamStudio captures that video content along with everything else. Haven't tried it myself yet, but there's one thing to try.

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