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size of video + timer

edited August 2010 in General Discussion
hi everyone. i just have a couple questions on performance. i'm in a situation where i can only watch hockey games by streaming them online, but i'm also at work most of the time that they're being aired. if i left camstudio running for say ~3 hours, how big would the file size be on 100% quality? also, is there a timer option, where you can set it to record from a set time to another set time? thanks.


  • robotco,

    The biggest problem you have to deal with is that the AVI video format only works with files up to 2 gigabytes in size.

    After that, it is totally crashville for the rendering engine! (Though... the raw files MIGHT be salvageable using VirtualDub or something... I don't know.)

    So, no matter how small a color bit setting you use (16-bit color being what you'd need), nor how coarsely you record, in three hours you will overcome that limitation. I cannot imagine a hockey game being very interesting without seeing the puck's movements with a high enough capture rate to make it interesting! (That is, this is definitely NOT sounding like a good application for time-lapse! So, capture every 1000 milliseconds with playback rate at 1 frame a second will be fairly frustrating!)

    Now, if you simply record the audio portion using Audacity as an MP3, you could at least hear the game... (!)

    Second part - I know of no timer option that would turn on the recorder at a specified time, but with the command-line tools that come with the 2.6 beta version, a batch file or simple program could probably be devised fairly easily.

    Just some thoughts, but again, for a hockey game, this seems like a futile effort, I'm afraid.

    Anybody else have thoughts similar or contrary to mine?

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