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Sound Card Support

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This is kind of a support question and kind of a general discussion question I guess. I'm surprised that I did not find a similar question already asked and answered in the discussions somewhere, but i searched and didn't find it, so here it is. Is there a list of Sound cards that support using CamStudio for recording audio? Clearly what ever is in my Dell XPS400 ain't cutting it. It's a SigmaTel Audio device and does not have the Stereo Mix/What U Hear controls that are mentioned in so many support discussions. So, I suppose I need a new audio card. But, what to buy? Prefer less than $100, but i want good sound. Please, someone make a suggestion. Thx in advance.


  • LocalHero,

    Any Creative Labs card should do fine.

  • Thanks Terry! Then this card so do well, unless anyone wants to steer me away from it and towards a better choice.
    Creative Labs SB0880 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound Card
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    LocalHero, I guess you've read through all the threads concerning audio problems? Some found that by changing some settings (unhiding some things, for example) they were able to get their existing cards to work. It might be worth your time to read and experiment. I don't remember your card being mentioned, but I certainly don't claim infallible memory!

    The major problem cards people were posting about seemed to be Realtek. However, both my XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro x64 laptops have Realtek, and despite both saying CamStudio can't identify the line, both machines capture the audio in video captures perfectly despite the configuration error messages -- in both CS 2.0 and 2.6b. (Admittedly the XP machine was having some problems similar to what I've seen others mention [i.e., on captures containing both audio and video, several months ago CS 2.0 started acting weird - if the capture had audio, then the video was goofed up. I found that even in this case running the file through VirtualDub would give me a usable file with both video and audio]. I suspect the problem was XP SP3, so when I had to reload that machine from scratch [new HD] I stayed at SP2, and all is perfect! The problem WAS NOT CS)

    Since capturing streaming feeds is all I do with CamStudio so far, that's all I can address. But maybe trying some of the things others have mentioned might be worth your time if you haven't yet read those threads.

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