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Command Line version: Fixed rates?

edited October 2010 in General Discussion
Can anyone confirm that the capture and playback rates of the CamStudio Command Line version (by a Google developer) cannot be changed?

The CL version has just 2 switches ("-outfile" & "-seconds"). I have the standard GUI CamStudio (v2.00) installed on the same PC and it's set for 500mS frame capture and 2 fps playback rate. I was hoping, perhaps naively, that CamStudio_CL would use the current GUI CamStudio settings. However CamStudio_CL seems
to use the default values of 5mS capture and 200 fps playback. So I get a very big .avi file.

Current application is unattended recording of test rig status displays. Tests may run for up to 6 hours but they only have a 1 Hz update rate.

So would appreciate confirmation of this limitation, or is there anyway of changing the rates used by CamStudio_CL?
...and is there a more appropriate forum for CamStidio_CL?

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