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CamStudio both 2.0 and 2.6 beta fail to use video Annotations (Windows 7)

edited October 2010 in Support
CamStudio both 2.0 and 2.6 beta fail to use video Annotations, they fail giving the error "unable to detect webcam\video source".
Altough I quite clearly have a working webcam, I tested it with other programs.

The likely culprit is Windows 7, possibly due to changes in how webcams are detected and used.


  • Can you capture with virtualdub 32 bit? I'm not positive, but AFAIK virtualdub also uses VFW. I may be wrong.
  • I doubt.

    My Webcam works fine but with Camstudio I always got a black screen first.
    You can use right mouse click to select webcam.

    So far it works but still I get a black screen.
    How this option should work is not clear for me yet.
  • Janhgm:

    Do you have Windows 7? I run on Windows XP 32 bit, and, as I mentioned in another thread, video annotation works just fine for me.
  • I have the same problem when using Windows 7 (32 bit), not in XP mode.
    I'd guess that it's a problem between CamStudio and Windows 7.
    I'm going to try finding a webcam viewer that I can just put into the recording frame.
  • We saw some problems with the annotations that were due to the file type (backgrounds didn't work, but fixed itself by using PNG or something...), but otherwise Annotaions should work fine in Win7.

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